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MEP Study Room & Computer Lab

Bldg. 40 - Room 110

We're excited that we'll be able to reopen the MEP Study Room (Bldg. 40 - 110) for Fall 2021! Please note that we've had to implement special student expectations to keep the room a safe space for all students:

  1. If the door is closed, you will need to access the room via the swiper outside. If your PolyCard does not give you access, you will need to submit a ticket with ITS.
  2. There will be no eating permitted in the room but water and other beverages are fine. 
  3. One student will be allowed per table. If all tables are full, then the study room is full. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Please consider limiting your study time to no more than two hours so that we can maximize the amount of MEP students that can use the study room.
  5. Chevron has donated a SMART TV that will be available to use starting in winter quarter! The SMART TV will not be available to use in fall.
  6. Since no food will be permitted the MEP refrigerator is no longer available

Need Help in Your Classes? Tutoring & Supplemental Workshops Could Help!

The Office of Writing & Learning Initiatives offers tutoring assistance for a variety of different subjects and you can also place a request for a tutor. To learn more about their services, please visit their page.   

You can also visit the advising web page for more information about campus tutoring, supplemental workshops, and study sessions. 

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