IAB Info

Thank you to those who are able to attend our annual Industry Advisory Board! This page is to provide easy access to meeting notes, including club solicitation packets and funding iniatives.

Our board meeting on May 12th, 2017 allowed for enriching conversation on diversity on campus and how to best support students in the Multicultural Engineering Program. See below for all documents provided:

IAB Presentation
Dean's Presentation
Presentation Notes
17-18 MEP Funding Initiatives
17-18 Events within MEP: Save the dates!
17-18 SHPE Solicitation Packet
17-18 SBES/NSBE Solicitation Packet

17-18 Action Items for MEP and Board:

  1. MEP to send Cal Poly Factbook to IAB for review on diversity numbers in engineering
  2. MEP to look into the idea of creating MEP Leads for student/program support
  3. MEP/ESS to do more outreach: signage, housing, and communication
  4. IAB to send job openings and participate in MEP events
  5. Clubs to send tentative annual schedule to IAB