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Thank you to those who are able to attend our annual Industry Advisory Board! This page is to provide easy access to meeting notes, including club solicitation packets and funding iniatives.

Our board meeting on May 11th, 2018 allowed for enriching conversation on diversity on campus and how to best support students in the Multicultural Engineering Program. See below for all documents provided:

IAB Presentation
Presentation Notes
MEP Tracking Graphic
Funding Initiatives
Save the Dates
Dr. Liz Schlemer's Presentation
NSBE Presentation
NSBE Solicitation Packet
SHPE Presentation
SHPE Solicitation Packet
Design Challenge Presentation
Revised Bylaws

18-19 Action Items for MEP and Board:

  • Dr. Liz Schlemer has it on her radar to link MEP with the new Dean so we can have a meeting all together about diversity in engineering. IAB to work to creating a discussion/agenda.
  • MEP to work on making connections across departments to make sure diversity has a voice among faculty and other IAB’s.
  • MEP to send IAB Dr. Jozi De Leon’s action plans as they arise when it comes to diversity and inclusivity across the campus.
  • Consider: Having meeting earlier in May or April for next year? MEP to send out a survey.
  • MEP to provide Advancement team’s contact to IAB.
  • IAB to prepare best practices to look past the GPA when recruiting for next meeting.
  • MEP to provide IAB with metrics before meeting to use as a baseline for conversations.