Industry & Alumni Info

We are always excited to interact with industry and alumni passionate about supporting MEP and underrepresented students in engineering!

Looking for ways to get involved?

  • Join our Industry Advisory Board (IAB).
  • Attend a MEP or campus event: You are more than welcome to attend our MEP Networking BBQ, or participate in other events! We’d love to have you! If you’re in SLO, let us know!
  • Hold a workshop for current MEP students: Your experience is valuable to current students. Feel free to hold a workshop sharing your own stories about industry, graduate school and leadership.
  • Become a mentor: Corporate Connections links MEP students to supportive alumni and industry members to assist them in gaining knowledge about the world outside Cal Poly.
  • Connect with your fellow alumni: There is strength in numbers. Keep MEP alive by sharing its growth and progress with others. Join your local SHPE or NSBE professional chapters to stay involved with the clubs. Organize a group workshop or tour.
  • Stay connected: Keep your email and mailing address current with Cal Poly to ensure you receive campus and college e-news and printed publications.
  • Make a gift: We cannot survive without your support!  Help us provide tutoring, advising, mentoring, scholarships and other great professional and academic resources to students.

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)


To enhance the overall goals of the Multicultural Engineering Program: to attract, matriculate, retain, and graduate a greater number of underrepresented students at Cal Poly.


  • To improve the effectiveness of the Cal Poly MEP through effective planning and on-going evaluation of MEP activities and services.

  • To improve the effectiveness of the Cal Poly MEP through the combined efforts of the College of Engineering, the University, MEP staff, students, and industry.

  • To support the Cal Poly MEP by providing knowledge, time, expertise, and resources so the MEP students meet their academic, professional, and career goals.

Participating Companies

(listed alphbetically)

Air Treatment Corporation Lockheed Martin
Boeing Northrop Grumman
Chevron PG&E
Cisco Phillips 66
Eaton Corporation Raytheon
Frito-Lay Solar Turbines
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Southern California Edison
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

MEP Students: clicking on the company name will take you to their internships/co-ops or career webpage. Research these companies for internship, co-op, and new employment opportunities!

Industry Advisory Board Meetings

Click here to notes from the last Industry Advisory Board Meeting

MEP holds IAB Meetings every Spring quarter and invite all board members to attend. Our goal is to share with our members what we have accomplished, and where we want to go the following year. With the input of our IAB, we work to shape our program to create students who will be ready for the workforce upon graduation.

    Interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Board? Contact MEP Coordinator, Meghan Schuler-Jones at