First Year Support

First-Year and Transfer Student Support

With the goal of building a network of support from day one, MEP provides numerous programs to link first-year and transfer students with friends and resources on campus.

Food for Thought Series

The Food for Thought Series (a Chevron sponsored event) is led by MEP Leads and will give new MEP students the opportunity to meet other students and discuss their new adventure here at Cal Poly. Check our bi-weekly newsletter for session topics and dates for this quarter!

MEP Leads

Our MEP Leads are current MEP students who are here to welcome new students to Cal Poly, point out helpful MEP and campus resources, and help build community and make connections during their first year! 

Engineering (ENGR) 101

ENGR 101 is a NSF funded course designed to support first-year students in the Multicultural Engineering Program who  are interested in learing more about all 13 majors in the College of Engineering. By participating in ENGR 101, students will:

  • Understand and utilize Cal Poly resources that aid in your major exploration
  • Discover different engineering careers and opportunities
  • Practice professional skills such as teamwork, written and oral communication
  • Start building a network of professionals and peers who will support you in your academic journey
  • Develop a "next steps" plan for after fall quarter

This is a 1 unit, credit/no credit course, is not degree applicable, and is only offered in fall quarters.

Engineering (ENGR) 301

ENGR 301 is a course designed to support juniors and seniors in their search for internships, jobs, graduate school and other opportunities after graduation. In this course, you will develop your professional identity and have the opportunity to explore ways to get involved in your community as an engineer. The goals of ENGR 301 are:

  • To prepare students for success in their search for internships, jobs, graduate school, and other opportunities after graduation.
  • To broaden students perspective of what can be done with their engineering degree
  • To empower students to make an impact as an engineer by engaging them in social issues across local and global communities

Transfer students, CP Scholars, PEEPS, MEP, and first-generation students are especially encouraged to enroll. It is a 1 unit, credit/no credit activity and is not degree applicable offered in Fall quarters.