About Us


The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) is an academic support program designed to retain and graduate a diverse population of students, especially groups which continue to remain the most underrepresented in engineering. This includes but is not limited to aspiring College of Engineering students who are first in their family to earn a baccalaureate degree, or from family backgrounds of limited financial resources and less educational opportunities. MEP leverages a strong support network to build an academic community and provide the necessary bridges for students’ academic and professional success.


In efforts to create an equitable society and enhance diversity in education and engineering, MEP partners with campus and industry to encourage the development of students who:

  • Feel a sense of belonging within their undergraduate education, at Cal Poly, and in the workforce.
  • Perform as a high caliber engineering student and professional.
  • Lead within Cal Poly and the workforce.
  • Create positive change.
  • Exemplify confidence through self-advocacy and consistent personal growth.
  • Value collaboration and diversity in teams.
  • Are socially responsible and global citizens.

Learning Outcomes

Services and support provided by the Multicultural Engineering Program result in…

  • A sense of belonging and community for underrepresented students in the College of Engineering
  • Enhancement to students’ academic progress
  • Fostering students’ professional and leadership development


Anyone can participate in many of our activities. However, certain programs and scholarships are only available to active MEP students.

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